Volunteering is not always about the people that need supporting, it can be about the volunteer. Many of us here at Thursby Garden find it impossible to cope with our illnesses and a work environment where we are expected to work under other people's timetables. With many variable illnesses that affect how you perform throughout the day it is only possible to work in a fully flexible environment that allows you to manage your own time. That doesn't mean you are not able to contribute. By volunteering you are able to still have a purpose, feel more fulfilled, contribute to helping others and feeling that you are not just taking your benefits or your condition for granted but earning them.

We can provide a place for you to attend when you can, we can make exceptions and allowances where you might have particular needs, cant answer phones, don't like crowds, need to be close to the loo, might have to leave at a moments notice, cant manage to get in today......the list is endless but you will be amazed at how much better you cope with your illness when getting out for a few hours and being part of life.

Obviously there is a lot of suspicion and worries with regard to benefit and what the DWP are going to make of your ability to volunteer, does it mean you are capable of some kind of paid work? Remunerative work within all companies does not allow them to work like we do, we can make the necessary environment, concessions and adaptions to your specific needs so that you are able to contribute a few hours, often you may pay later for working those few hours but its worth it, it is viewed as a positive by the DWP too and will not in anyway be used as a decisive factor in assessing your ability to work or your entitlement to benefits.

Imagine if everyone on benefits, unemployed, retired, sick and disabled did some element of voluntary work, from running centres to simply keeping the front of your own house clean, mood and physical issues would be relieved, areas would prosper more, communities would be more united with less ASB, less littering, less criminal damage, more difficult for people to deal drugs and other undesirable practices due to a united community and we would no longer be judged as a burden to our society but as a plus.....a big plus.