Changes to our Welfare Rights Service

Post date: 05-Apr-2016 19:07:43

Our planned reduction of Welfare Rights did not take place, in fact our work load increased massively due to demand and the lack of other agencies being able to provide a service. However we are in 2017 going to introduce workshops for filling in PIP and ESA forms so that we can deal with number of clients at the same time and the planned changes will take place as per the following statement issued in April 2016.

Regrettably the need for our service has reached the point where we are no longer able to provide the service on a 1 to 1 basis. The centre is run by volunteers and our ability to deal with provision of service is limited only by our own illnesses and the number of people we have who are able to provide that service.The need locally has reached such a point that all our other provision is starting to suffer due to our concentrating on Welfare Rights. We are therefore from the end of April tailing of our service as it is currently. We will continue to issue informative guidance on claiming and dealing with appeals and tribunals, all existing clients can at any time call in and collect any information we hold and in the vast majority of cases will, with the guidance, be able to successfully fill in their own forms. We shall continue to assist, where absolutely necessary, cases where people can not physically or mentally cope with forms.